8 Cake Candle for Birthday, Candles for Wedding Parties, Restaurant Supplies


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1: Quantity: As selected in the drop down menu.

2: All of these orders will ship from the US. All orders sent via UPS Ground, Orders processed the next business day at the latest but many with same-day shipping. 

3: Dimensions: About .6" wide and 7" long. Time up to 40 seconds, perfect for birthday cakes, parties, restaurants.

4: The bottom bracket (red part) is equipped to securely insert into birthday cakes, dessert breads, large cupcakes, ice cream cakes and various decorated cakes

5: Great for birthday parties and and celebrations at restaurants and night clubs.

6: Be careful to light them exercising extreme care so that nobody gets burned, sprinkler systems are not inadvertently started, and that they are not used near materials which easily catch fire or burned.